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During your first consultation

A first consultation appointment is necessary before any treatment. It allows our doctors to get to know you and your medical history better, to understand your needs  in order to offer you the appropriate treatments.  We will also establish a quote and can offer you a laser test.

Our offer of beauty and laser treatments

We are trained laser doctors and we welcome you in Avon / Fontainebleau  to offer you treatments and protocols adapted to your needs and your skin in complete safety.

Laser hair removal is the most effective solution to permanently get rid of your ingrown and body hairs.

Vascular laser can treat visible vessels quickly and efficiently.

Radio-frequency, Mesolift and Yag laser rejuvenation for a natural-looking anti-wrinkle effect.

Mesotherapy allow to  provide the scalp dermis with natural products to limit hair loss and strengthen your hair.

Radiofrequency vaginal rejuvenation decreases vaginal sagging and dryness as well as urinary leakage.

Our  different treatments can act on spots, scars, enlarged pores, stretch marks, sagging skin and complexion

The solution for safe permanent hair removal...

.. And for natural and effective aesthetic treatments!

Safe & effective treatment

We select our treatments, products and equipments in order to obtain natural and effective results while always puting your health first.

Medical procedures

The treatments offered in the our centre are medical procedures that must be performed by doctors who received specific training. Our doctors hold a university degree in medical lasers for aesthetic purposes from the University of Medicine of Paris Descartes

For everyone

Laser and radiofrequency treatments are aimed at both women and men. We can treat all types of skin.

Best equipment & technology available

For performance purposes, our practice is equipped with Candela's GentleMax Pro laser, a class IV laser combining a double wavelength (Alexandrite 755 nm and Nd: Yag 1064 nm) as well as Frxx fractional radiofrequency from Loktal.

Price of main laser treatments

A precise quote will be given to you during our first meeting. 

Laser hair removal for women

Underarms: 80 € per session

Bikini line : 100€ per session

Half-legs (including feet and toes): 160 € per session

Bikini line + armpits + half-legs: 300 € per session

Aesthetic treatments

Mesolift 150

Fractional radiofrequency from 100 € per session depending on area to treat

Intimacy: 300 €

From 100 € / session

Depending on the extent and type of lesions

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Frequently Asked Questions

Laser treatment is a medical act that requires a prior consultation in order to  adapt the protocol to the patients: medical history, previous surgery,  contraindications, the areas to be treated… All these parameters  are taken into account  to  best determine the settings of the laser , the personalized protocol, the number of sessions and the interval between each session. 

For some areas, the doctor will prescribe an anesthetic cream if the patient wishes it. 

With this in mind, know that you will be safe in the hands of our doctors who hold a university degree in medical lasers for aesthetic purposes from the Paris Descartes medical university. 

For laser hair removal: Laser impacts cause a slight feeling of a “hot rubber band” which disappears very quickly. 

In our practice, we have chosen to use a laser equipped with cryogenic cold which delivers a cold jet on the area before each laser shot in order to limit sensitivity. In addition, the short firing time of our laser limits the feeling.

For the mesolift: The doctor makes injections under the surface of the skin using a very thin mesotherapy needle. The session is not painful because the injections are very superficial. The doctor can, if you wish, prescribe an anesthetic cream to apply before the sessions. 

For YAG laser treatment:  The feeling is a non-painful, more like a diffuse sensation of heat.

For radio frequency: the application of an anesthetic cream one hour before the session makes the treatment painless. 

The laser cannot cause skin cancer. These are caused by UV rays. The laser emits light in the visible or infrared spectrum which is in no way carcinogenic. 

The wavelength of our lasers limits their radius of action to the dermis without reaching the hypodermis. As a result, there is no interaction with other organs than the skin and hair.

Our doctors

Our specialists are doctors with university training in laser technicians. 

Salim Meliani médecin laseriste

Docteur Salim Meliani

Cécile Meliani médecin laseriste

Docteur Cécile Picard Meliani

Témoignages de nos patients

Ce que nos patients disent de nous et des soins lasers… 

"Avant la première séance de laser j'avais des aprioris. Je pensais que c'était long, douloureux et qu'il serait impossible de s'épiler pendant des mois. C'est tout le contraire, c'est rapide, ça ne fait pas mal et entre les séances j'ai presque pas de poil qui repoussent. Je n'ai qu'un regret, ne pas l'avoir fait plus tôt ! "
Anna B.
"Dès la première séance les vaisseaux bleus disgracieux sur mes jambes ont disparus au bout de quelques semaines. Je vais de nouveau pouvoir me mettre en jupe en cet été, quel bonheur !
Stephanie M.

Where to find us?

Our laser center is located in Avon near Fontainebleau (5 minutes drive or bus)


15 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt à Avon 77210


01 64 70 20 19

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